ACO Tunnel

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ACO tunnel reference projects

CountryTunnel projectYear builtACO products
CHHafnerberg tunnel Zurich 2003-2004Slot channels (5300 m),
Kerbstones (5300 m)
CHAescher tunnel Zurich 2004-2007Slot channels (5300 m),
Kerbstones (5300 m)
CHCityring, Luzern Sonnenberg and 
Reussport Tunnel
2011-2012Slot channels, Kerbstones, Manholes
CH Bypass Küblis, Küblis tunnel2012-2013Shafts bottoms, Slot channels,
Kerbstones, Siphonic Shafts
CHTunnel San Fedele, Roveredo2012-2013Slot channels, Manholes, Kerbstones
CHBypass Biel Längholz tunnel 
and Büttenberg tunnel
2012-2014Slot channels, Adapt Elements,
Kerbstones, Tanks and Shafts
CHGalleria di Base del
Ceneri Lotto 852
CHGalleria di Base del 
Ceneri Lotto 853
CHCeneri basic tunnel SBB Lotto 5542012-2015Shafts
CHEyholz tunnel Main tunnel 2013-2014Slot channels, Shafts, Kerbstones
FTunnel Nord de la Croix Rousse, Lyon2012Slot channels, Polymer concrete Channels
FTunnel de Montet2013Slot channels, Polymer concrete Channels
FTunnel Saint Beat2014
FTunnel Chabrières2014
AUTTunnel Achrain Vorarlberg2005-2007Polymer concrete Channels
SRBTunnel Šarani2015
ITContournement Naturns 2000-2001Slot channels
ITGalleria Gorleri2011SINA Manholes, Polymer concrete Channels
LUXGousselerbierg tunnel2003Slot channels
LUXGrouft tunnel2007-2009Slot channels (5800 m)
LUXStafelter tunnel 2009-2011RABT systems (2 pces),
Tunnel channels (1800 m)
LUXMicheville tunnel2011Slot channels
LUXJunglinster tunnel2012Siphonic shafts
LUXTunnel Passage à Gibier2012Siphonic shafts
BETunnel Van de Leopold III Laan2011Slot channels
DEWattkopf tunnel2008-2012Manhole covers (18 pces),
Gully tops (23 pces), Galvanised
steel elongated bar gratings (23 m)
DEEinhorn tunnel, Schwäbisch Gmünd2008-2013Secant shafts (251 pces),
Manhole covers (251 pces)
DEBautzen tunnel, OU Bautzen2011-2013Tunnel channels T 275 V (200 m)
DERendsburg Canal Tunnelsince 2011Tunnel channels KD 200 (1500 m)