ACO Tunnel

Safety concepts

In case of a fire in a tunnel, time is a crucial decisive factor for self-rescue. Swiss and European standards stipulate for tunnel constructions a safety system consisting of slot channels and siphon shafts made of polymer concrete. This system creates fire compartments which are each 50 metres in length. Line drainage in the form of slot channels is the optimum solution for removing liquid fuels from the driving area as quickly as possible. The creation of fire compartments prevents fire or liquid fuels from spreading to other tunnel sections or other vehicles. The fire is limited to a specific area, which makes it easier to control and reduces the risks for road users and rescuers, decreasing expensive damage to the structure at the same time.

ACO polymer concrete for tunnels is highly resistant against chemicals and fulfills the requirements for the fire classes A2-s1, d0, M0, A1, BKZ 5.2, CI I.

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