ACO Tunnel

Accessories for drainage channels

Baffle shaft

The baffle shaft is the transition element and acts as a partition. It separates the closed drainage system (the longitudinal drainage guide) from the tunnel channel open drainage system. The integrated baffle functions like a siphon. A minimum amount of liquid in the shaft base and the protruding baffle act as a firewall against the passage of flame along the longitudinal drainage guide and as a foul air trap. Beneath the baffle shaft, a runoff rate of 100 l/s is guaranteed. The connection to the longitudinal drainage guide is secured with a suitable pipe connection cross-section and a lip labyrinth seal. The shaft is made accessible for inspection by two manhole covers on the upper side of the shaft. Accessories In accordance with regulations, the baffle shaft manhole cover on the outlet side in relation to the longitudinal drainage guide is designed as a seal. The integrated inspection covers made of cast iron form part of the surface structure of the Monoblock T and therefore ensure a uniform overall appearance. With two fasteners per cover, it is guaranteed to be watertight and is secured against ejection. In the inlet area of the baffle shaft, the tunnel channel drains over a removable sludge bucket. In the case of an accident, the space between the sludge bucket and baffle on the inlet side has been designed as an emergency overflow. This space ensures a run-off rate of at least 100 l/s in accordance with the regulation.


Inspection element

The inspection element forms the start of the channel train. The 1 m element is available in the necessary tunnel cross-sections. The main feature is the integrated inspection cover made of cast iron. With the reproduction of the kerb in the frame and the cover, as well as the Monoblock T surface structure, the overall appearance is uniform. The cover is secured by two fasteners. 

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