ACO Tunnel

Kerb slot channels

When using polymer concrete in tunnels, it is absolutely vital for the material to be classified as "non-flammable". When it comes to tunnel construction, components are required to meet the highest safety requirements in accordance with the European tunnel directive 2004/54/EC and the German guidelines and regulations RABT and ZTV-ING. ACO's special polymer concrete compound conforms to these requirements.
In the event of an accident, particularly where flammable liquids are concerned, leaking hazardous materials are directed along the shortest path from the road surface through the tunnel drainage into the ground and thus separated from the oxygen supply. The tunnel products are selected according to the needs and circumstances of the project, offering maximum scope in terms of planning and design.

Clear benefits thanks to the design and materials

The extreme resistance and rigidity of the polymer concrete channel body mean its long-term service life is guaranteed. Quartz fillers and reaction resin make this material waterproof, meaning it is ideal for use in civil engineering projects and tunnel construction. Thanks to its resistance to both frost and de-icing salt, ACO polymer concrete is extremely low maintenance. The low degree of roughness means that any dirt deposits can be washed away with ease. The rigidity of the polymer concrete and the channel structure make it possible to create a thinner wall with a maximum flow cross-section. Compared to concrete kerb slot channels, the ACO tunnel channel offers space savings of up to 25%, leaving more room for factors such as cable laying in the emergency walkway.

When it comes to large area drainage, the unique single case construction of the ACO DRAINĀ® Monoblock kerb slot channel T 275 V guarantees the highest levels of safety and stability. Channels and grating are made in a cast from polymer concrete. Thanks to the monolithic design, the channel body remains stable and keeps its shape even under extreme loads.

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